Our Values

We value the beauty in nurturing & cultivating the strengths and individualized abilities for those identified with special needs. Our core values are rooted in our commitment to promote care within the autism community while creating an understanding, accepting, and inclusive world for us all.


Jayce’s Journey supports children and individuals in the nuclear family diagnosed with autism and/or developmental delays by raising awareness, providing early intervention services, education, & resources. 


We envision a future in which equitable opportunities are provided to individuals with autism where we can work as a team to discover their abilities while being empowered to overcome barriers and limitations throughout their various stages of life.

Jayce C.A.R.E.S.


We are all one community and care for each other as one.


We provide access to education and resources for children & their families.


We respect each other’s individuality & uniqueness.


We educate as a means to empower and uplift.


We support each other’s unique journey.