Meet Our Staff

Deidre Price


Deidre has over 10 years of project management experience implementing projects for some of the largest corporations in the world. Specializing in the oversight of business initiatives vital to the success and profitability of major organizations, she devotedly brings superior delegation, strategic planning, and an innovative approach to team management to the Jayce’s Journey Inc. team.  Deidre, who is Jayce’s mother and primary caregiver, founded Jayce’s Journey Inc. after discovering the need for education and transparency amongst minorities as it relates to Autism.  After openly navigating her own experience as Jayce’s advocate through his journey, she quickly learned that so many others within her community were struggling without the resources or tools to address their concerns. She was then propelled to create Jayce’s Journey Inc. to encourage open dialogue, shift cultural stigmas, and develop meaningful partnerships to expand resources within the Autism community. 

Kamilah Richmond

Director of Disability Services

  • Kamilah has joined Jayce’s Journey INC with a passion to assist individuals and families of color understand and obtain knowledge about mental health and disability with our communities. She obtained her Bachelors of Arts in Social Work at Fresno State and her Masters Degree in Social Work at the University of Southern California (USC). She previously served as a Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS) Clinician for children and youth ages 5-21 to acquire adaptive behaviors within various areas of their lives (i.e. home, school, extra curricular activities). Kamilah currently serves as a Disability Management Specialist, where she works within the Disability Support Services (DSS) Department assisting college students with identified disabilities to obtain accommodations throughout their higher academic experience. Kamilah is here to be a resource, listener and continued advocate for all families connected.
Robin McGee

Executive Director

Robin is a driven individual joining Jayce’s Journey to serve as a leader, as well as, collaborate with key members and stakeholders as a team player. Over the last 10 years, she has managed and led operations for out-of-school time programs, providing family support services and case management. With a BA in Psychology, Robin has used her educational training and personal ethics to partner with the San Francisco Unified School District, where she facilitated multiple student success groups in over 10 elementary, middle and high schools. With her hands-on experience working with one-on-one and wrap-around support groups for children and youth within Urban communities, Robin has the patience and open mind to support the families connected with Jayce’s Journey. With the passion to advocate for under-served and underrepresented youth, Robin is here to support and guide all children and families connected to Jayce’s Journey throughout their own personal journeys with Autism.  

Rai Hall

Director of Early Childhood & Youth Development

TeAnna Pinlac

Executive Assistant

TeAnna passionately serves Jayce’s Journey as the Executive Assistant. With a background in Sociology, she has a knack for understanding human behavior and interactions with individuals, organizations and cultures. TeAnna ensures the adherence of Jayce’s Journey’s daily activities and long-term plans. She assists all aspects of the organization (i.e. CEO, Staff, Board Members and Stakeholders) to promote the missions and vision of the non-profit.